Shaun McCarthy is a professional playwright and dramaturge for stage and radio, an Oxford and Bristol university creative writing tutor and author of over twenty educational resources titles. He is an Associate Fellow of the Royal Literary Fund, and in 2014 was awarded a Hawthorden International Writers’ Fellowship, spending a month with nothing to do but write (‘well, we did escape to the pubs in Edinburgh now and then!’) in their amazing castle in Scotland.

Recent new plays for stage include THE HOOLIGAN NIGHTS (2014, Redgrave Theatre, Bristol / Hooligan Nights Productions), TRADES (2012, Brewery Theatre, Tobacco Factory, Bristol), BEANFIELD and CIRCUS BRITANNICA (2010, 2011, both for Bike Shed Theatre, playing in Exeter, Bristol and London), COLLIDER (2009, Ustinov Studio, Theatre Royal Bath and Katie Read’s Saturday Matinee Company, Oxford), NO BLIND FAITH (2009, Ustinov Studio), and SAFE (2008, Hen and Chickens Theatre, London, winner of Grit Productions New Writing Award).

Commissioned adaptations and new writing for stage include A CHRISTMAS CAROL, SMOKE AND MIRRORS, also for Bike Shed Theatre, their 2011 Christmas show, and VENICE ISN’T LONDON, for Mutiny Theatre. (This show toured London by boat to raise awareness of the threat of flooding from rising sea levels. Unfortunately, the ‘consultants’ hired to advise London are Venetian commedia dell’arte characters who think a flooded city desirable and highly romantic.)

Most of these plays have combined highly theatrical design and language with themes that spring from strong left wing and internationalist commitments. And a love of musical hall and circus!

Shaun’s writing for stage has been financially supported by The Royal Literary Fund – he was RLF Fellow at Cardiff University from 2012-14 - Arts Council England and The Peggy Ramsay Foundation.

Bespoke projects: classes and dramaturgy

Shaun designs and delivers a wide range of writing for performance courses, one day master classes for writing groups, festivals, schools and colleges etc, and is always ready to discuss opportunities with potential clients.

He has worked as a dramaturge on new writing for stage for individuals, public funded and commercial theatre companies and is happy to accept enquires form writers (at any stage in their careers) looking to develop their work in a dramaturgical relationship.

A short play available to read or download

At the bottom of the list of stage and radio productions on the ‘Plays’ page of this site you will find a link to a full script in PDF format which can be read online or downloaded. A BRAVE VESSEL is a ‘calling card’ designed to show both the style and content that typifies much of Shaun’s current writing.