SARAH: A test to show me what you can do. (Showing out-spread fingers and thumb of one hand twice, then pointing at wrist.) Ten o’clock.
(Stevie enters, also with a bag.)
New acts arriving all the time! We are truly all the world! (In normal voice.)
What do you do?

STEVIE: I don’t really know.

SARAH: This is my circus. Start of the season. New acts audition. People impress me with what they can do. (In big voice) Here for example, for your entertainment, is Senor Grimaldi! Sprung from a line of world-renowned athletic, gymnastic, quite exotic,
(Dave pulls a few ‘muscle’ poses.)
vaguely erotic,
(He shoots her a stare which she returns with a grin.)
Neopolitan acrobats.
(He does a simple piece of tumbling or possibly lifts Sarah for a moment)
A family truly born to fly.

DAVE: Prego! Grazie, grazie. (To Sarah.) Bella signorina!
(In London accent, to Stevie). Welcome to Circus Britannica mate.

STEVIE: You’re not ’

DAVE: An Ey-tie? No. (Holding out his hand) I’m Dave.

(Jofranka enters also with her bundle)

STEVIE: Stevie, and I’m here to, well. (To Sarah) You got my letter?

(Dave goes to the clipboard and pulls off Stevie’s letter. He gives it to Sarah.)

SARAH: (Reading) ‘Dear Miss Davenport, I am going to university next year and plan to research the lives of travelling show people and am writing to ask ’ ’ (Already bored she stops reading) This is the circus, nothing is ever done by half, and everything is make believe. That’s the first and most important rule. OK! (To Jofranka) Who are you?

JOFRANKA: (Coming forward, big delivery) I am Jofranka, a great Magyar horsewoman.

(Dave looks at clipboard, can’t find Jofranka then shakes his head to Sarah.)

SARAH: I sort of guessed that when turned up on a horse.

DAVE: Very impressive.

SARAH: Very unusual.