November 2009: at the CERN facility in Switzerland the biggest scientific experiment in history, the Large Hadron Collider, is about to be switched on. Scientists are confident it will prove that the universe began with a big bang; religious creationists fear that it will create a black hole and destroy the world. Science and religion are about to collide.

Against this contemporary background of 'big ideas', the play explores the personal lives of four characters present at the Collider: two scientists, a visiting evangelical American Church Pastor and his wife. While Doctor Vivian Houghton attempts to confirm how the universe was created, Pastor Nathanial Goodman tries to stop him. Relationships collide; the Pastor is not who he appears to be, the scientists are arguing about much more than physics, and the greatest and potentially most powerful machine in the world is beginning to dangerously malfunction.

In a breathtaking battle of wits, the debate between science and religion reaches new levels, incorporating vaudeville acts, Punch and Judy, juggling, mind-reading and burlesque striptease. And now the Pastor’s wife has begun to drink heavily ...

A script-in-hand performance of Collider was presented in September 2009 at the Ustinov Studio, Theatre Royal, Bath, as part of their Script Factory programme. The cast was Nik Howden, Saskia Portway, Alex Tregear and Jack Power, and the performance was directed by Ed Viney.

The UK Premiere of Collider was presented by Oxford’s new theatre company, The Saturday Matinee Club, on Saturday 14th November 2009 at East Oxford Community Centre, with a cast of Oxfordshire actors: James Card, Amy Enticknap, Steve Hay and Holly King, and directed by Katie Read.