COLLIDER — page 2

(Goodman enters, fiddling with an ID tag on a ribbon and a piece of paper.)

GOODMAN: (Mild rural American drawl.) Excuse me, is this the office of Doctor Lavelle?


GOODMAN: D’you know where is he?


GOODMAN: (A confused pause) I’m looking for Doctor Sidney Lavelle?

LAVELLE: (With a perfect French accent, getting up.) Oui, ici.

GOODMAN: Beg pardon?

LAVELLE: Je suis Doctor Lavelle. S’moi: that’s me.

GOODMAN: But I’d expected —

LAVELLE: A man, because of my first name?

GOODMAN: And, well, because of what Doctor Lavelle does, you do, the programme you’re in charge of (looking at the paper he holds) not that I really —

LAVELLE: Women can be particle physicists just as well as men.

GOODMAN: I’m sure they can. I don’t want to get this off to a bad start Miss Lavelle —

LAVELLE: They call me Mademoiselle or Doctor round here.

GOODMAN: It’s just that back in West Virginia we don’t have many women who —

LAVELLE: Have men’s names?

GOODMAN: Are particle physicists. Don’t have many male ones, come to that. (Noticing that Lavelle is staring at him) I must be a bit jet lagged. Came here straight from the airport.