Hooligan Theatre Productions - This page replaces my ‘news page’ because all my new projects will be delivered through Hooligan Theatre Productions. Some, such as ‘Scrumpy and Western: The Life and Times of Adge Cutler’, the musical Tom Henry and I have written, are purely Hooligan Theatre productions. Other projects will be co-produced with other companies and collaborators.

Hooligan Theatre Productions is a ‘brand’, an ‘identity’, a way for me to secure funding for new plays, work with co-producing partners and employ actors directors and designers to help bring my plays in production. Many thanks to Arts Council England for supporting us so far.

Lots of things are happening – please support us, spread the word, come and see the shows! Write to us at this .

Collider in Oxford Collider poster

Collider – following the sell-out performances by the Saturday Matinee Company of my play ‘Collider’ at the Old Fire Station Oxford, plans are in an early stage for SatMatCo (as they are called) and Hooligan Theatre to take ‘Collider’ out on tour – watch this space.

‘Scrumpy and Western: The Life and Times of Adge Cutler’ - plans for this musical about the legendary ‘Bard of Somerset’, which I am co-writing with Tom Henry, are progressing. Having been given the right to the songs from his first album by Adge’s family (thank you very much!), the play takes us back to 1966, and the recording of this album.

Adge Cutler

Turning down the chance to record at EMI’s famed Abbey Road studios in London, Adge and the Wurzels decide instead to capture their live sound at the Royal Oak pub in Nailsea. For Adge, this is a chance to step back into his past and relive the times he worked on building sites around North Somerset and beyond, writing his ‘agricultural arias’ on scraps of paper and cigarette packets. We have cast Alex Dunbar to play Adge Cutler; he is a Somerset guy and is currently channelling his inner cider drinker to get into the character. Below is Alex as Adge; he looks the part.

Alex Dunbar

Public interest in this show is growing and growing. We are having the first script in hand sing / read through at the Curzon cinema in Clevedon North Somerset on Friday 6th March at 7.30. We are doing the show again the following night, Saturday March 7th, at Trowbridge Town Hall. See each venue’s publicity for details of prices and times. (Or ring Curzon Clevedon 01275 871000, Trowbridge Arts 01225 774306 / 765072).

Tickets for the first of the two shows, at the Curzon Clevedon, are selling very well. The word is definitely out in the local press and online. As co-writer Tom Henry said, 'Sil Willcox (the manager of The Wurzels) has kindly Facebooked our page and tweeted, and the bloody thing’s gone mad.' And Adge's relatives are lending us the rare and famous, one and only 'wurzel stick', Adge's prized and essential stage prop.

‘The Boy in the Gallery’ - The lovely people at Trowbridge Arts Festival are keen for Hooligan Theatre Productions to work with them to develop a site-specific show for their magnificent gothic Town Hall venue.

Trowbridge Town Hall

‘The boy I love is up in the gallery,
The boy I love is staring down at me…’

I have written ‘The Boy in the Gallery’, a show about revenge and a love triangle (that isn’t actually what it seems) heavily styled around music hall and grand guignol. It will unfold its creepy story in five spaces in the building, hopefully during the 2015 Trowbridge Arts Festival.

We are currently collaborating on a bid for funding, and I am working out ways to bring shocks and surprises (and some laughs) to life in the various spaces of the venue.



'Come and see us, or we'll come and see you.'